5 Budget Outfits For Your Family Trip To Denver

Who doesn’t like to spend a short trip amidst the Rocky Mountains in the mountain city? However, you might want to ditch the car and hitch for Denver car rental instead if you want to keep your trip within budget. One big question that haunts the tourists is what to pack for Denver. So here we give you a list of 5 budget outfits that would keep you trendy and comfy in Denver.


Rain Jacket

A trip to Denver means an encounter with unexpected rains and thunderstorms. The temperature is unpredictable as well. One ground rule is, always dress in layers. A comfortable raincoat jacket is always best since it will provide protection against both the cold and rain. It is a good idea to wear fleece shirt or light sweaters underneath.

Western outfit

Anything that rhymes with a cowboy never goes out of fashion in Denver. Go for anything that relates with a cowboy. Our suggestion would be leather jackets, heavy pants suitable for a rough terrain, or a rugged pair of jeans, loose and comfortable shirts and the signature cowboy hat to go with it. You can complete the outfit with a pair of cool goggles.

hiking pants.

Long sleeved tops paired with hiking pants

Since Denver has an unpredictable climate, one should always focus on layering up. Long sleeved tops would do really well. You can wear a layer of light clothing underneath to prepare for a sudden drop in temperature. Hiking pants are also a must to hike in rough terrains and are not too overwhelming for a quiet evening stroll in the city.

Girls Talking

Trendy t-shirts paired with comfortable shorts

Dressing in Denver is casual. Go for your favorite pair of shorts and a casual tee if you want to give out a friendly girl/ guy next door vibe. It is a great idea to pair it up with a comfortable pair of sneakers. This outfit is ideal for a day of sightseeing into the city. The combination also serves for a relaxing trek on a sunny afternoon or a fishing spree with family



Denver is not new to a cold climate. Hence, knitwear never goes out of style. It is time to bring out all of your cute woolen jackets and sweaters which you purchased but never got a chance to wear. A casual woolen dress will also be a great option

Some things you might want to pack:

  • A good pair of hiking shoes: with its rocky terrain, Denver offers many hiking spots near the city. A pair of hiking shoes never goes to waste.
    Water bottle: You might face scarcity of oxygen at high altitudes. A reusable water bottle is a must.
  • A good camera: The scenic beauty of Denver should not be underestimated. You will only regret it if you do not have a camera to get amazing pictures.
    Moisturizing lotion: the harsh weather conditions of Denver could rob the moisture from your skin. A soothing moisturizer is something you need to carry.
  • Sunscreen: at a place where the temperature can go to as high as 70 degrees, sunscreen is a must.
  • Here we conclude a list of some budget outfits that you can easily find in your wardrobe and some miscellaneous things. Geared with these outfits, you are all set for an amazing hiking experience or a fun Denver rental car trip.

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